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Friday, March 18, 2011

March update


I haven't posted in a while.
I'm still working on a few personal illustrations, but I'm also busy with a few design projects for the moment.

I'm also posting to let you know about three things:

1. I'm maintaining a blog outside this one, which a few illustrators and I started. The Illustration Project is a blog that documents our process work and their corresponding finished illustrations. Every month, one of us picks a topic, and we create sketches, discuss and then design an illustration based on the topic and feedback. I'm asking you to check it out, follow and enjoy!
Banner design by Sam Singh

2. I designed and built a site for my friend and Toronto-based DJ, Pablo Hernandez. Have a look, and listen too.
Original art and design by Chelsea Canlas

3. Another site I built on a Wordpress platform for Saffron Press' Children's Author, Navjot Kaur.
Original art and design by Chelsea Canlas

I'll try and update more often though.
Until then, enjoy all the sunshine we've been getting!

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