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Friday, November 21, 2008

You know what, kiddo

I love my Sequential Narrative class. As well as my Sequential Narrative instructor, Blair Drawson. I'm so behind in his class though, I feel terrible about it. I think this might be the only class where I actually work my butt off for. Or at least have projects I'm actually proud of. I mean, I'm not completely happy with them (and that's generally the case when there are deadlines involved). But I like them.

ps. Please don't comment on the narrative text... my rhymes are pure cheese. HAHA

Project One: "What's that supposed to mean?"
We had to develop a story around that phrase. I really wanted to do a spread but Blair thought my story was better suited in panel form. I'm assuming it's because of the dialogue. I haven't scanned the final, but this is the illustration without the text.

Project Two: "The Hook"
It's 2 spreads of a narrative displaying an intense emotion. I chose anger and the time my brother ransacked my room. Again, ignore the rhymes... I am not a writer!

Project Three: "Personal Stories"
Comic panels, acrylic and digital

Project Four: "Myth"
It's a monologue by Persephone. It's one of my favorite Greek myths. To be honest, this one I did overnight. Those who know me can tell it's a little half-assed, and most definitely not my style. But I kinda like it in the end. I really like how the setting is abstracted and the forms are simplified. Blair liked it too and thought I should experiment with that a little more. - Acrylic and pencil on paper.

There it is...
Gonna go work on the 5th one now!


  1. HAHAHA that last one is a real hoot! and I know the words for the first one ;)

    The thing I love about your art is that it's always a narrative about your life which makes it such a personal experience looking at it.. didn't Sebastian have a quote about that in the year book? Or maybe that was you.. anyways, that second one is wicked, I think it'd be almost ready for publishing.. how did you do the text in the third one?

  2. you've got miraculous technique in all of these.
    Especially in Project two and Project three. I can't wait to see project 5.

  3. heyyy chelsea!!!
    luv your second assignment!
    her expression is well described, i can imagine how Blair liked it:)