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Monday, February 16, 2009

sexy sexy sexy

CD cover for Hector's Class
Sexual Sportswear

I inked the pattern, scanned it, then filled and layered on photoshop
Seriously considering silkscreening this on a shirt.
Or Caitlin's suggestion of shower curtains... that'd be sick!
OR paint it on a HUGE wooden panel!


  1. i forgot what hector said but i think he liked it, I certainly really dug it. It's more iconic and i can really see it on a cd. goooood job.

  2. Seriously, I will give you the dimensions of my curtains and if you make them for me I WILL PAY YOU. LOTS OF $$$

  3. Shoot Caitlin, I'll do it for shits! for FUN! is there a way of actually printing a design on a large surface?

  4. I'm not too sure. I suppose you can always make a pattern and register marks but that would precision. Pleaaaase find a way! I really dig this