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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I promise

... to update more often.

Here is a painting I've been working on for my Figure Painting class with Maria Gabankova. Really fantastic studio class. It's very different from the many illustration classes I've taken at OCAD. But I feel like, not that I didn't learn anything from the design classes, but that I learned something more substantial, in terms of technique. I feel that as an artist and illustrator, I need to keep learning. There are media and style explorations that need to be explored!
Having said that, I will be taking Portrait and Landscape Painting courses the following year. It's like I'll never leave school! No, that's not true. But, if I could be a student all my life, I would be.

George Santayana agrees: "Oh no, I had never wished to teach, I had nothing to teach. I wished only to learn, to be always the student, never the professor. And with being eternally a student went the idea of being free to move, to pass from one town, and one country to another, at least while enough youth and energy remained for me to love exploration and to profit by it."

He's pretty great. I found one of his books recently, so it's just me and George all summer this summer.

30 x 48" Acrylic on canvas
still in progress!

Don't forget: May 6th-9th OCAD'S 95th ANNUAL GRADUATE EXHIBIT!
BE THERE! OR.. be somewhere else? That would be too bad, you know :(.


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  1. I remember this night :) remember the drawing of YOU on that couch? haha